Every blog starts with a single sentence......

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write in my first post; should I explain the title of my blog with lots of examples of what I mean? should I try and say something profound or botanically interesting? Afraid to write anything incase I got it ‘wrong’ I spoke to a friend. He made it very simple for me, ‘Share your enthusiasm’ were his words and this is what shall do. Infact it what this blog is all about; enthusiam and appreciation of the green bits of our world – managed, wild, other.

Working in horticulture in various ways for 20 years; I have not lost my passion for all things green and for being around people who have share this enthusiasm for the world around us.

Horticulturalists are like a tribe, a fellowship or team; we supply the world with great environments to live. Most don’t notice what we do but they would if we didn’t do it!
I really want to explore all aspects of plants people and just plants themselves for the basic love of it in this blog – I hope you will follow my journey.

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