Winter beauty

One of the things I love about winter is the how flowers and scents are just so beautiful against the grey or bleak back drop that is the UK between December and Feb. There are so many to and once you get into it colour schemes can pretty ‘bold’. My favourite winter flowering plant is Iris unguicularis needs a bit looking after to get it looking its best and some recomend trimming in the autumn so the winter flowers can be seen more readily. Whatever you its ace.

Snow makes everything beautiful, it all seems light and some how I am feel lifted by it; that is until I have clear it off 300 acres of University campus. However when doing this you do get to see some great wildlife; people tend to be really gracious and generous with there comments when your clearing paths too.


The image above shows the Gravel garden the in the Harris garden, The Agave americana has suffered abit from the snow but it’s survivng; the catalogue form Cotswold garden flowers reckons its the temperature not the wet that kills them…..we shall see its not been that cold, yet…….

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