So what does this view from a snow covered border in the Harris garden say? the obvious prettiness of the unifying white mulch that visited us recently, covers weeds dead leaves and make everything look ace….

Theirs more; this area was cleared of very mature Prunus lusitanica in the Autumn of 2010. Following the removal of the stumps some amazing things happened.A layer of herbaceous stuff appeared as expected; this was mainly fox gloves which looked awesome but did impinge on our newly planted bulbs and have been weeded out now (pics to follow) .

Whats more interesting is that on the edge of this border, there is a large, as yet unidentified Eucalyptus. This had dropped years of seed on this area.

Three seedlings germinated after the clearance and you can see one of them in the bottom of this photo.I believe Eucalyptus in the wild needs bush fire to trigger germination (this may be a generalization). I have never heard of Eucalyptus seeding themselves in the UK, only much warm climates where they have become an invasive species.

I had the good fortune to meet the new Director of Kew on a visit to the University recently and pointed this out to him; he was amazed as I was that these trees can seed themselves in the UK. He just said ‘Climate change’ …..

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