Plants in Memorium

It’s a real privilege to be able to give people the opportunity to plant a tree in remembrance for some one. This image shows three generations of the same family planting an Acer palmatum ‘Ozakazuki’ in memory of an academic member of staff. The little girls Grandad in fact. We have lots of trees and benches placed in memory of people at the university. They are well loved and people become very attached to them; they therefore need careful placing. It seems a very healing thing to do; I have done it myself for friend who lost her battle with her illness; I planted a Celtis occidentalis; colloquially known as a Hackberry; not the most beautiful tree but one with great environmental benefit, full of character and unfortunately not like my friend – long lived. Planting a tree is an expression of new life, longevity, beauty. The changes of life reflected in the cycle of the seasons, birds other creatures using the trees as habitat and probably most of all a place to visit, reflect and remember.

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