Boggards Posy and Friends


Dogs Mercury , Mercuralis perennis or the vernacular name Boggards posy looks a rather unassuming plant. It was once thou8ght of as an indicator species of Ancient woodlands ie areas of woodland over 400 years old. However, it can be quite weedy and block out other less robust native species. It as well extremely poisonous causing vomiting etc and flushing of the face and a very hot chin! don’t plant this with Bruce Forsythia…bad joke. It was recordrd to have a coma in a chi9ld in 1693 after a it was cooked with bacon; the poor child was in a coma for 4 days and then died , so it is serious stuff.

20130406-195459.jpgI have not seen the above plant in the wild before its Luzula sylvtica  or wood rush; this grouping of plants re taught me that if you want o make an area look wild dont make it need. We have this plant on campus but other varioetes, its great in shade and is good ground cover.20130406-195536.jpg




The above two images are of Ramsons or wild garlic or Allium  ursinium. it is smelly but has great looking leaves and flowers are nice to. Its called Ramsons because it was thought to be found n places with Ram in the name……Ramsbottom, Ramsey etc. This plant can be eaten and is milder to taste than smell. You have to be careful collecting wild plants for food as the dogs Mercury tale points out.20130406-200300.jpgAbove is the Meadow sweet…never seen it in a wood before but it is a soggy area.

20130406-200522.jpg As yet identified but I would put money this is an Umbellifera of some form.

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