The Natives Were Nice!


The leaves on this plant give it it’s vernacular name ‘Lungwort’ people used to believe that resemblance in plants to physical things was a sign of the use they could be put too. The spotted leaves on this plant where similar to fetid lungs (nice!) and where used to treat lung disorders of various types. The genus Pulmonaria has some native species and again there are loads of varieties; it’s a good shady area doer in spring. 20130416-222129.jpg


This is Wood Anemone the scientific name is Anemone nemorosa, it’s a native plant that flowers in woods before the canopy closes. It is a good indicator of ancient woodland i.e. woods that are over 400 years old. Its slow growing – 6ft every hundred years so wont take over the garden! We have it in various places on White knights campus. These pics are from areas on the edge of woods or meadows so may have been planted. We planted a relative Anemone hollandica of this in some beds outside the library, in fact 1000. I am not sure if its the squirrels or the planting depth but we have about 30 showing so far, this is not a good percentage. Back to the drawing board and more patience I feel. href=””>20130416-222146.jpg

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