Beautiful Bulbs in Boggy Borders

A windy day spring day in Henley’s Greenlands campus has supplied me with some nice pics of some bulbs for moist soils. The Snakes head fritillary above lives on water meadows, it is the County flower of Oxford. Much of its habitat was removed during and after the WW2 when it was ploughed up for vegetable growing.

The Leucojum aestivum or summer snow flake is a nice plant, strapping leaves and white flowers with green flecks. It’s other common name is the Loddon lily, as it was supposed to native to Berkshire where it is the national the County flower.

This is Narcissus Actea, it’s a very classy Daff; it’s very similar to N. Pheasants Eye which is last Daff to flower in Mid May. Nice.

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