Flora Menorca

I haven’t travelled out of the UK for nearly a decade. In that Time I have had two kids, changed jobs, moved etc,so had completely forgotten how great it is to have a complete change of scene was awesome. 33 degrees celsius all week and beautiful clear sea, paella and great cheese etc, swimming, basking in the sun, new people. I did manage to programme in a spot of blog photography as I noted quite a few bits of interest on my travels to the beach and back. The image above shows a good sized palm Date palm behind our apartment, I love the way the old leaves have been so neatly cut off and that this adds another ornamental aspect to the plant.

Bougainvillea was planted around the apartments and was in 3 colours; at night lizards come out of hiding from it and crawled around the walls. at the base was a plant I didnt recognise but was a native to the island, Santolina and Hibiscus shrubs where dotted about also.

This hibiscus had new flowers daily.

The Tamarisk seen above where common, this one had some fruiting bodies at its base ( Ganoderma possibly)

On the areas approaching the beach there where a number interesting plants. This one had great flowers and was living in the sand! I collected some seed of this one.


This pic shows it in a bit more detail. As well as this plant I discovered a nice Euphorbia, a very white sea holly, possibly a Balotta and a legume. See below.


Sea Holly med style

Ballota of some form

Not sure what this is but it was used in gardens a lot; as was Oleander. I spotted a number of different colours and forms.



Something I have not seen before was the use of Pittosporum tobira as hedging. It has great leave shapes / texture and it also had loads of seed on it some thing that doesn’t happen in the uk.


It was all very nice and relaxing.

Adios !


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