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Butter Burr Revisited


In a previous post Butter brrr I commented on this plant in its winter flowering phase, you can see now the size if the leaves. The area it grows has turned into a forest of these leaves – you can easily see how they could be used for parasols and how nice a load of butter would be wrapped up in them.


Butter Brrrrr!

Again it’s cold and soggy out there; but we are coming up to the equinox on the 21st of Match when spring officially begins. I found these Butter Burs flowering round the pond in the Harris garden today.They are the sort of plant thats seems to grow in the wilder -untamed areas of the landscape. There are some native ones and one European one that spreads badly. The names comes from the leaves that follow the flowers, these were used to wrap butter in and have a kind of felt like hairiness to them. The correct name these is Petasites means wide brimmed felt hat in Greek. When you see the leaves you’ll understand, but the are often used as shade on hot days – like little parasols.